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Music Management
Make the most of the digital music world

Basic introduction
Dont know where to start? Our consultants can teach you how to listen to music on your computer, copy music to or from your computer so you can listen in your car, bike, office or even whilst working out.

MP3 management
With so many different music devices it can become overwhelming. Have a favourite song or album and want the freedom to listen to it anywhere? We can help you transfer music to your iPod or other MP3 player, to you car, make mix CD's or backup your music collection.

Internet radio
Want to learn how to listen to free, worldwide internet radio stations? Choose from thousands of radio stations in every genre.

HiFi connections
Want to connect your computer to your home HiFi system? Our technicians can create a wired or wireless system so you can listen to your favourite music up nice and loud at the flick of a switch.

Downloading legal music & podcasting
Heard a song that you would like to buy but dont want the entire album? We can show you how to purchase per track songs from a number of online sources so you can listen to the songs you want when you want.